Balanced Scorecard

A four component approach encompassing key metrics: Financial, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Processes and Organization Capacity and Objectives. Consistent review and analysis based on the four key metrics or KPI's allow a company to see their organization as a whole providing a well-informed basis for decision making. 

Shared Services Platform

Leveraging a portfolio of shared services allows an organization to leverage economies of scale and achieve vertical integration. Shared services are essential for focused decision-making and strategic planning. Platinum incorporates industry subject matter experts  while retaining responsibility for divisional business processes.

Asset and Risk Management

Platinum lends its investment in tools and professional resources and works to identify and minimize risks by planning, control and operation of assets without compromise. Assets that are more efficient, consistent and secure will be more successful.

Revenue Management

Maximize profitability; that is the objective of revenue management. The cyclical nature of industry magnifies the importance of value driven selling and strategic sales. Maintaining the ability to quickly anticipate and respond to market demands gives immediate advantage to those embracing and including RM in their everyday business processes.