Shared Services

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Most companies commonly refer to "HR" or Human Resources with limited scope. Platinum refers to this area more appropriately as HCM, a strategic alignment of an organization's most valued assets; its people with organizational goals. Creating an adaptable and agile workforce is essential. Aligning the right people, the right skills and the right experience provide structure that delivers results.

Procurement (PRO)

Our approach to procurement is simple with a precise goal leverage buying power while bringing efficiencies through automating the "procure to pay" cycle. Sourcing the right product from the right supplier at the right time…just in time. A complete cycle beginning with a requisition, PO issuance, receiving, invoice and ending with payment - all done electronically.

Accounting & Finance (FIN)

Timely information is power along with a premise of "You can't manage what you don't measure". Strict adherence to metrics such as REVPAR, GOP, EBITDA. The nerve center of a business is comprised of accounting and financial governance, controls, reporting, and services which include cash management and budgeting and planning. Timely and accurate data is essential to the success of an organization. Ambitious goals of real-time, integrated solutions are vital in providing a competitive advantage. Flex Budgeting & Planning-Business Volume change as a result of cyclical changes in the economic climate. Reacting to those daily is essential.

Technology (IT)

Software, Hardware, Smart Devices, Enterprise Content Management, Identity Management, PMS, POS, CRM, Social Media…the list goes on and on… Information exists in many disparate systems performing highly specialized functions. The challenge is that information exists in "silos". It is absolutely vital to get a single picture of the health of an organization. Integrating data and supplying information to relational systems is mission critical. Technology solutions and tools that are leveraged rather than feared; Integrated they provide the agility companies need to maintain a sustainable advantage.

Sales & Marketing (CRM)

Strategy, branding, customer relations, promotions, social responsibility, global themes, emerging markets, communications, market research, trending, competitive analysis and now ever more importantly social media. Where do you begin? Understand your market. Clearly identify your objectives and you have broken the ice. Upon deciding the what, who and why of your target market you can, without reserve, initiate a successful Sales, Marketing and CRM plan. Implement processes to that allow you to capture data, verify accuracy and timeliness, engage customers, partners, and business associates. Sales are built over time. Do it with purpose and strategy.

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI crosses all standard business divisions to assess and analyze data, trends, costs and exposures. Leverage technology to gain in -depth insight and enable stakeholders to make better, more informed decisions- faster. Readily available, current and comprehensive business intelligence allows greater visibility into all aspects of the organization thereby increasing response times and giving you
market advantage.

Projects (PROJ)

All initiatives, regardless of size, require these components for success: plan, organize coordinate, control, lead and communicate. Successful projects and project leaders cohesively organize via Best Practices and provide profitable results. Consistently working to be the best, to work with the best and to provide the best is the Platinum project plan.